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CIPIE craftsman spirit

Updated: 2014-09-10 08:50:03

Li Keqiang, premier of the State Council on the 5th for government work report mentioned, encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization, flexible production, cultivate the spirit of excellence craftsmen, increasing the variety, quality, create the brand. Artisan spirit appeared for the first time in the report on the work of the government, people refreshing.


Many people believe that artisan is a mechanical repetition of workers, in fact, artisans have more profound meaning. It represents an era of temperament, firm, steadfast, strives for perfection. Artisan does not necessarily have to become an entrepreneur, but the most successful entrepreneurs have the craftsman spirit.


Has set up factories for 26 years CIPIE brown corundum factory, has always been the spirit of craftsmen to do products, won the trust of customers, to win the market.


Most valued customers purchasing corundum product quality stability. Meet the requirements of the national standard, at present domestic smelting brown corundum block from a technical point of view, consider is not difficult, but to according to the customer's different production requirements, aluminum, silicon, iron, titanium, etc. high and low content of free control, consistent quality and is beyond the reach of many smelting enterprises. Some enterprises in order to save the cost of smelting, production furnace semi corundum block, its hardness, chemical content difficult to achieve the best standard.


And other sand factory around to buy corundum blocks with different, CIPIE always adhere to the smelting, powder sand one-stop production, even in the loss of price advantage, environmental protection requirements increasingly stringent, CIPIE are still difficulties to overcome, do everything possible to ensure that normal production of the smelting furnace, to ensure product quality stability.


Most, rigorous, meticulous. In the procurement of aluminum where soil links, adhere to the excellent optimization principle, in the smelting production processes, adhere to saving energy and reducing consumption, and create a good working environment. Smelting factory machinery and equipment, reduce labor intensity and ensure dedusting equipment normal operation, the new built a closed warehouse, reduce dust. Granulation production line transformation of the production equipment, make the inspection sampling system, not afraid of problems, but determined to put products in factory, to ensure that the factory products 100% qualified. Excellence. Pay attention to the details, the pursuit of perfection and perfection, not hesitate to spend the time and effort and tireless CIPIE Dengfeng area of sooner and always adhere to the factory fine mesh corundum enterprises.


Artisan spirit philosophy is calm, pragmatic; abandon impetuous, quiet Zhiyuan; fine fine, persistent and single-minded.CIPIE adhere to the craftsman's spirit and consistent quality.